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Among all the 4-star hotels near the famous Duomo in northern Italy, Hotel Regina has a central position right in the heart of Milan. Few people know that this Cathedral is one of the three largest Catholic Churches in the world (after St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome and the Cathedral of Seville).

It is also called Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica of the Nativity of Saint Mary and is considered as the symbol of Milan, giving great charm and elegance to one of the biggest Italian metropolitan cities.

Thanks to this precious jewel, the Cathedral Square gains great power and elegance, moreover in the surrounding area there are many historic monuments and buildings that create a perfect frame for the city of Milan.

The history of the Cathedral began in 1386 and over the centuries it has hosted many important characters who contributed to the development of historic events in Italy. Staying at our hotel in Milan just a few steps from the famous Duomo, you can visit it without spending too much time moving around with different means of transport.

The construction of the new Cathedral required the demolition of the two previous churches, Santa Maria Maggiore and Santa Tecla, in order to obtain a more spacious square where to build a new monumental complex. From the remains of archaeological excavations, the Cathedral of Milan should have been built entirely of brick according to the construction techniques of Gothic style, but afterwards it was decided to make the entire project even more ambitious with the use of marble. The year 1387 represented an important historic moment, namely the construction of the foundation pillars, colossal structures that support the entire Cathedral still today.

Take advantage of the central position of Hotel Regina right in the heart of Milan, one of the most beautiful cities in northern Italy, near the famous Duomo and visit this wonderful Italian masterpiece.

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